Bucket List

We’ve all got one, right? It’s almost annoyingly cliche, and while I thought about calling it my “Living List” or something instead, I decided that was pretty pretentious and overdone as well. So, here’s my bucket list. Begrudgingly.

It was hard, because I want to go everywhere, and see and do and hear and touch and taste and experience everything, but this what I’ve narrowed it down to, for now…


>> Iceland { Blue Lagoon, volcanos, see the aurora borealis, drive the Ring Road, dog sledding… }

>> Greenland

>> Ireland

>> Greece { Santorini }

>> Faroe Islands

>> Russia { St. Basil’s Cathedral }

>> Egypt { ride a camel! }

>> South Africa

>> Australia { walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge }

>> India { Taj Mahal }

>> Indonesia { Bali }

>> Malaysia { Kuala Lumpur }

>> Himalayas { do some climbing }

>> New York City

>> Boston

>> Los Angeles

>> Victoria Falls { Africa }

>> The Grand Canyon

>> All 50 States (17/51)

>> All 13 Provinces and Territories of Canada (9/13)

>> All 7 Continents (3/7)

(note: these are only my “absolutely do not miss” ones. Name a country or a city, chances are I want to go there.)


>> Own a cotton candy machine

>> Go rock climbing on a real mountain face

>> Stay on a houseboat

>> Own an RV/trailer

>> Publish a novel

>> Design and have my own home built

>> Hot air balloon ride

>> Live on a farm/acreage

>> Own a golden retriever

>> Go to the Country Music Association awards and/or Academy of Country Music awards

>> See the National Finals Rodeo in person

>> Drive Route 66

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