Beach Towns Outside Goa Worth The Time In India

Guest Post by Sai Karthik Reddy Mekala

So much so has Goa attained a position of a ritual for India travels. I urge travelers to look beyond the beach state if the romance of the Arabian sea is over. The Indian Peninsula runs almost 7500 miles with nascent beaches lying around, yet to be explored.

The coastlines of east and west varies in offerings to a large extent, for the sea is as different as the seafood it yields. While the Bay of Bengal has gifted the land with multiple cyclones, and even a tsunami once, the Arabian sea has ensured smooth business with the Western and Arab worlds, a landmark in modern history.

Following are some of the multiple beaches that can take your heart away with an array of organic experiences.

1. Havelock Island, Andaman

The hidden gem that is the Andaman Islands is getting increasingly popular for its beach scene, scuba, vibrant coral reefs and simple leisure. Walk around or use the sea plane for transport to visit the small islands nearby, marked with a numerical system.


Havelock Island view from the waters

Camping is another option to experience an exotic stay. Do not forget to visit the white sand and turquoise water bejeweled Radhanagar beach for a spectacular sunset. Make some time for the elephant beach that houses world’s last swimming elephants.

2. Gokarna, Karnataka

Travel down south if the maddening crowd of Goa sickens you, to explore the pristine beaches of Gokarna in northern Karnataka. Often referred to as backpackers’ heaven, Gokarna houses many other stretches of sandy shores, namely Om beach and Kudle beach.


People arriving in Gokarna by boat

Maybe you can take a tour around to find a nascent beach and name it as you please, so vast and unexplored the area is! Experience a journey with Konkan railways to reach the station of Gokarna Road. Be advised the beach is popular among Hindu pilgrims during the Shiva Ratri festival. You may want to mark the calendar if you are crowd-averse!

3. Kovalam, Kerala

Kovalam is quintessentially the best beach of Kerala. The picturesque lighthouse beach is a major attraction amongst tourist and also houses Haycon Castle, Travancore’s royal legacy.


A fishing boat in Kovalam, with lighthouse in the background

Locals mostly visit the northern crescent. In between lies the Hawa beach, tolerant to topless bathing under a strict vigil by administration. No wonder Kovalam has been a much sought after destination among the hippies since 1930. Indulge in a different taste of seafood, for coconut oil is used in abundance in the area.

4. Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu

If you are longing for a destination with a touch of ancient time, look no further than
Mamallapuram. A one hour drive through East Coast Road from Chennai, the place teems with legacy from 7th century Tamil Pallava dynasty, an undoubtedly UNESCO heritage site.


Sunset at the famous Mamallapuram temple

Indulge in yoga, surfing, a fishing trip to the sea or trekking to the nearby hill only after you have had a heartfelt visit to the monuments dating back in history. Five Rathas (literally meaning chariots) carved with intricate features, stand tall against all the eroding work of the sea nearby. Do buy the mesmerizing clothing artwork from Kancheepuram, namely a Kancheepuram saree.

5. Vizag, Andhra Pradesh

With sandy beaches, prosperous industry, a well maintained park, a submarine now turned into a museum, and Kambalakonda (the nature preserve), you will definitely feel spoilt for choices when in Vizag, otherwise known as Visakhapatnam, the largest city of Andhra Pradesh.

Ramakrishna beach, the popular one among locals, is a decent site while the more vibrant one, named Rishikonda, lies away from the city, an hour’s drive. Do not forget to visit the magnificent Araku valley a well as Borra caves while visiting the town.

Imagine a life by the coastal hideaways under the bright sun, while you sip on a refreshing coconut and order your choice of fish to be grilled to the shack-owner. Such is an ideal vacation in Indian coastal towns. Be surprised and stay satisfied with these lesser known coastal beauties of India.

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