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these boots were made for traveling


meaning >> When coming up with a name for my blog and brand, I wanted to encompass several of my interests, and I also wanted something catchy and clever. My main interests are travel, animals, and all things country (country music, country living, country themes…). I definitely needed to have “travel” included in the name in some way, as this is mainly a travel blog. “These Boots Were Made For Traveling” spins off of the song called “These Boots Are Made For Walking” (recorded originally by Nancy Sinatra), so it’s pretty clever (if I do say so myself). The title involves travel, and by using “boots” (as in cowboy boots), I used another of my interests as well. I do believe that I was made for traveling, and therefore so are my cowboy boots!

purpose >> I created this blog (and the subsequent Instagram profile and tumblr account) as a way to get my words and images out into the world. I’ve been traveling longer than I can remember, writing since I was 6 or 7 years old, and since the summer of 2013 I’ve fallen more and more in love with photography as well. I wanted a place to share these loves, and to hopefully shed some light on new places to visit and things to do. I realize that there are tons and tons of travel blogs and photos out there, but I believe that each one showcases a different perspective. This is my perspective, one of an animal lover and wannabe-cowgirl, and I am endlessly grateful that you have stumbled across it. I hope you are entertained and inspired by my carefully crafted words and images.

categories >>

Hikes — Featuring great hikes and outdoor adventures in areas I’m living in or visiting.

Inspiration — If you need to get inspired, this is the category you should check out! Some of the posts are travel inspiration, some are writing inspiration, and some are just to inspire you to get up and achieve your goals.

Local Locales — Descriptions and photos of cool places and things that are local to wherever I’m currently living. If you live in the area or plan on visiting it, check out these posts to get some tried and tested ideas for things to do!

Off the Beaten Path — A list of things to do in a particular city or area. These lists offer variety in activities and interests, in cost, and in the age of people who will enjoy the activity. Some of the items are things that you shouldn’t miss as tourist, some are things you may not have thought of or found to do on your own, and some are classic, obvious things to do in a particular place.

Personal — Pieces I’ve written about myself, my opinions, or things that have happened in my life, among other topics!

Photo Round-Up — These posts mostly consist of photos instead of words. There may be as few as 5 photos, or as many as 50. The photos in each post fall under a common theme, which may be a certain place, a trip I went on, or a category (such as trucks, lighthouses or dogs). It’s a place for me to post a lot of photos, quickly.

Travel + Lists — The spot where basically “everything else” gets categorized on my blog. These posts range from stories about my travels, lists (about traveling or otherwise), life tips and tricks, humorous articles, to pretty much anything else that interests me to write about.

Collabs + Projects — Check here to see info and links to collaborations, account takeovers and projects that I’ve done or am doing for someone else. Also, if you were to write a guest post for me, it would appear here, as well as under the category the topic relates to.

I hope you enjoy These Boots Were Made For Traveling and can get something out of it! Feel free to follow me across every social media platform, and shoot me an email (thesebootsweremadefortraveling@gmail.com) to let me know what you think, to ask questions, or to talk about a collaboration!

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